You are always welcome at Naturescapes, where you will find hundreds of varieties of perennials, natives, and ornamental grasses from old-time favorites to the new and unusual. Our fine assortment of landscape shrubs, as well as our ornamental and shade tree selection, is among the best and most diverse in the area. Many of our plants can be found growing in the Missouri Botanical Gardens (Shaws Gardens) in St. Louis and other arboretums as well as the Gardens at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.


Some examples include ...

Flowering Shrubs:

  • Viburnums - Brandywine, Juddii, Korean Spice, Allagheny, and the native Blackhaw.
  • Witchhazel - Arnold Promise, Jelena, and our native Spring and Fall bloomers.
  • Hydrangea - Endless Summer, Pink Elf, Glowing Embers, along with Oak Leaf varieties such as Alice, Pee Wee, Sikes Dwarf, and our natives.
  • Lilacs - Miss Kim, Meyeri, Bloomerang (the repeat bloomer), and old fashion varieties.
  • Deciduous Holly - Red Sprite, After Glo, Winter Red, and others. Although these Ilex do flower, it's all about the berries.
  • Evergreen Holly - Blue Prince and Princess (our favorites!), and other evergreens such as Green Velvet and Variegated Boxwood, Threadleaf Cypress, Bird's Nest Spruce, and other interesting conifers.
  • Ninebark - Amber Jubilee, Brandywine, and several others.


  • Maples - Paperbark, 3 Flower, assorted red and sugar types, as well as an ever changing selection of Japanese Maples.
  • Dogwoods - Florida types in white, pink, and red such as: Cherokee Chief, Cherokee Princess, and Red Beauty; Kousa (Chinese varieties), Milky Way, Stellar Pink, and more. Not to be forgotten are the noteworthy natives, Pagoda and Cornus Mas.
  • Redbuds - Our native Green Leaf, the unusual Forest Pansy, a chartreuse colored leaf variety called Rising Sun, along with various wheeping and dwarf types.
  • Other Trees - Katsura, Gingko, Beech, Horse Chestnut, Oak, Spruce, Pine, and numerous other varieties.


As our name implies, perennials are our specialty, and after your first visit to the shop and gardens you will see why. We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of woodland and prarie natives and other proven reliables, which are among the finest in the area and beyond. All are proven hardy and resilient in our gardens and will for you too.

To highlight a few, we carry various Asters, Coralbells, Bleeding Hearts, Hardy Geraniums, Hellaborus, Eppimediuns, Iris, Rudbekias, Dianthus, Salvias, and far too many to mention!


You will find our growing and changing selection of home/local grown and handpicked plants of the highest quality. Everything is placed within a pleasant garden setting to ensure a relaxing shopping experience during your visit.

Our Shop

Besides our gardens, our shop is filled with garden whimsicals, wind art, trellises, birdbaths, statuary, as well as an occasional geniuine antique or two. We are currently showcasing various artwork supplied by local artisans. Oh yes, we also carry professional grade garden tools such as pruners, digging spades, watering cans, and other items; as well as respected horticultural reference books.

We ensure you an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience during each visit. We look forward to your visit!

New to our Garden

Here are a few new trees and shrubs we have added to our plants of merit here at Naturescapes...Ryusen Japanese Maple, an exciting new upright weeper. A dwarf Gingko by the name of Jade Butterfly, Japanese White Pine and a Swiss Stone Pine called Silver Whispers are all new tree varieties. We also are carrying two new viburnum called Spicegirl and Sugar and Spice. You might want to check out the new arborvitae called Soft Serve which stays a bit shorter than most pyramidal forms and has a soft and inviting texture to its appearance. Of our vast perennial offerings, we've added many new varieties of helleborus, coralbells, and several additional native species. Come stroll through our gardens to explore the rest. See you this spring!